Egyptian policeman jailed for 15 years for shooting detained man

A Cairo criminal court sentenced a police officer on Monday to 15 years in prison for shooting dead a suspect in detention. Prosecution investigations showed that the police officer, Ahmed El-Tayyeb, had had previous conflicts with the deceased man, lawyer … read more



Egypt tightens regulations on endangered animals

It’s a start but does not go far enough to protect all animals in Egypt from cruelty, torture and killing. Before you read the story below – take a minute to sign an online petition asking Egypt to make it … read more

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Swine Flu Factoids

Swine influenza, or flu, is a contagious respiratory disease that affects pigs. When the flu spreads person-to-person, instead of from animals to humans, it can continue to mutate, making it harder to treat or fight, because people have no natural … read more

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Dog Theft On The Rise In Cairo

While not a new phenomenon, professional dog-napping is on the rise in Cairo.  Every dog is at risk but pure bred dogs are popular and as a result more valuable. Many dog thefts occur outside restaurants, shops, and from parked … read more

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Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer is here and that means heat!  It’s the time when we turn on the AC to beat the soaring temperatures Many of us use air conditioners but we can all save money by using them less.   And we can’t … read more